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Tauberg is a rural, lightly populated region located in southwestern Belka, northwest of Sudentor and northeast of the Waldreich Mountains. The area is best known as the former site of the defense chemical laser weapon Excalibur.


Tauberg is characterized by open, grassy expanses and rolling forested hills. There are few, if any, human settlements in the surrounding area. Tauberg's dense forest of sequoia trees supports over 200 species of birds and over 60 mammalian species, including foxes, bears, and deer.[2]

Tauberg Panorama

Panoramic view of Tauberg region; Excalibur is faintly visible on the right


Sometime in 1989, north Tauberg was chosen as the site of Belka's new ballistic-missile defense system, Excalibur. Tauberg was likely selected for its centralized location within Belkan territory (circa 1995). Construction efforts began in Tauberg in December 1989 and was completed four years later, in August 1993.[3]

During the Belkan War, Excalibur was used as an anti-aircraft weapon to moderate success. On May 23, 1995, the Allied Forces located Excalibur and launched an air raid on Tauberg. Mercenary squadrons, including Galm Team, broke through the radar jamming network that protected the weapon and ultimately destroyed it.[1]

There is scant information regarding Tauberg after the war; however, it is possible that the ruins of Excalibur still remain there. It is also possible that the local ecosystem was radically altered by fallout from the nuclear detonations of June 6, 1995. Following Belka's capitulation and cession of South Belka to the Osean Federation, Tauberg became situated near the Belka-Osea border.[4]



  • Excalibur is occasionally referred to as "Tauberg's Sword" by the Belkans.