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Tauberg is a region in central Belka, located at the south-west area of the Mund Valley and at the north of the Waldreich Mountains or also knowed as Waldreich Mountain Range.

It is most known for being the host of the super-weapon Excalibur, an anti-missile laser weapon built by the Belka's government and military during the 1980's for the Project Pendragon.



The region of Tauberg is located at the north of the Waldreich Mountain Range and at the sout-west area of the Mund Valley in the Principality of Belka or Belkan Federation.

Fauna and Flora

The Tauberg region has a diverse ecosystem home to a variety of organisms and plants, housing a dense forest of Sequoia trees along with over sixty types of mammals and over 200 species of birds. Examples of the wildlife inhabiting the area include foxes, bears and also deers.[1]


Before the Belkan War

In December 1989, the South Belka Munitions Factory began the construction of the Excalibur in North Tauberg and finishing the tower four years later, declaring it operational in 1994.

The Belkan War

Baptism of fire

During the Belkan War in 1995, the Excalibur was used by the Belkan Military when the Allied forces began their push into the country, taking out a single fighter squadron during the invasion of Glatisant in May 17 and two days later, Excalibur was used to wipe out an Ustian cargo aircraft unit in an attack over the Schayne Plains.

The end

After the Schayne attack, the Allies located Excalibur's position and launched a raid on Tauberg. Accompanied by the 4th Air Force Unit, the 66th Air Force Unit broke through the radar jamming network protecting the tower and destroyed it after a heavy offensive, causing it to break in half and collapse.

After the Belkan War

Nothing more is known about the region after the Belkan War, only that probably the nuclear detonations modified the ecosystem radically. It is also presumable that the Excalibur's remains are still there.



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