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A technical is a fighting vehicle employed by irregular military, such as militias & paramilitary organizations. This type of vehicle is, at its simplest definition, a makeshift combat vehicle, as it is little more than a normal pick-up truck/four wheel drive armed with a machine gun mounted in the rear.

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Emmerian Partisans.jpg

A pair of technicals is seen in the cutscene preceding "San Loma Assault". In the cutscene, they hold up Melissa Herman and Ludmila Tolstaya in the countryside near San Loma. Towards the end of the scene, the characters are found by an Estovakian A-10A, and Mellisa & Ludmila make their getaway while the two trucks are destroyed by machine gun fire. Outside this cutscene, no other technicals are seen in the game.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

An SRN technical

Technicals are used by the SRN, and are some of the most common ground enemies in the first Shooter Squadron level and in the prologue. They appear as blue pick-up trucks, and are armed with a DShK machine gun in the rear cabin. These vehicles are lightly armored, and are destroyed with a quick machine gun barrage. Many technicals seen in in the game are painted blue; however a rare white version can be spotted only in the prologue, "Shockwave".



  • Technicals in Assault Horizon lose a lot of physical mass after being destroyed. For example, a truck destroyed with gunfire will lifelessly slide across the ground, while one destroyed when going at full speed (or with a Rocket Launcher barrage) will usually lift off and do several flips in mid-air, or in rare cases, clear whole blocks. As well, they appear to have lost most of their collision detection, as taken-out technicals will usually slide through thin walls.