Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template is used to design aircraft preview boxes on the Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown/Aircraft article.


The following template contains all possible parameters. Remove any that are unnecessary or unspecified.

| article = 
| display = 
| role    = 
| image   = 
| nodata  = 
| dlc     = 
| price   = 
| desc    = 
| stats   = 
| guntype = 
| gun     = 
| msl     = 
| flr     = 
| parts   = 
| sp1     = 
| sp1ammo = 
| sp2     = 
| sp2ammo = 
| sp3     = 
| sp3ammo = 
| pricesp = 


Parameter Required? Usage
article Yes The name of the Acepedia article to link users to when they click on the aircraft's name, usually the same name as the aircraft
display No If article is not the aircraft's name in the game, set this to the in-game name
role No Set this to Fighter or Multirole or Attacker depending on the aircraft's in-game role. This also sets the role icon next to the aircraft's name.
image No The filename of an image of the aircraft from the game
nodata No Set this to true if very limited data is available on the aircraft to hide most parameters
dlc/price No/No Set only one of these parameters:
  • Use dlc to set a custom price or requirement such as USD $4.99 or Pre-Orders Only
  • Use price if the aircraft is available in-game for Military Result Points (MRPs) and set a comma-separated number such as 100,000
desc Depends[a] The aircraft's full in-game description
stats No The filename of an image of the aircraft's specifications from the game
guntype No The weapon equipped in the aircraft's top slot; default is GUN, only set this if the GUN is replaced with another weapon
gun No The aircraft's GUN ammo (or the ammo for the weapon in the top slot)
msl No The aircraft's MSL ammo
flr No The aircraft's FLR ammo
parts No The aircraft's part slots for any of the categories (all categories have the same part slot numbers)
sp1/sp2/sp3 Depends/Depends/Depends[a] The first/second/third special weapons available on the aircraft. Use the abbreviations provided by the game (RKT, not RKTL).
sp1ammo/sp2ammo/sp3ammo No/No/No The aircraft's first/second/third special weapon ammo.
pricesp No The aircraft's second and third special weapon price in MRPs; a comma-separated number such as 100,000


  1. 1.0 1.1 This parameter is required, unless nodata is set to true.
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