This template is used as a base for other navbox templates. It invokes Module:Navbox, and supports unlimited data sets. Thanks to the Professor Layton Wiki!

More parameters than the ones listed below are supported in the Module, but Acepedia will restrict their usage to the ones listed below.

parametern (for example, headern) allows the use of any number in place of "n". For example, the first header will use the parameter header1, the second header2, and so on.


The main title of the navbox
state = plain
The state parameter controls the collapsing of the navbox itself. For Acepedia's purposes, this must always be set to plain, where the box cannot be collapsed and no Show/Hide link will show. Under special circumstances, collapsed or expanded (default) can be used.
Adds a row that appears above all other rows and below the title
Used to add subheaders to the navbox. Headers are hidden by default unless there are any list rows under them.
Contains the group label for a row. If not present, the corresponding list will expand to fill the gap.
The actual list for the row
Adds a row that appears below all other rows


| title = 
| state = plain
| above = 
| header1 = 
| group1 = 
| list1 = 
| below = 
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