Terminus Island is an austral island in South Osea, governed and occupied by Aurelia.


The northernmost in a group of six islands south of the Aurelian mainland, Terminus Island played a major role in the country's infrastructure by being a natural source of petroleum, leading to the installation of refineries and a major oil field. High latitudes caused the island to remain covered in ice for most of a year, and its positioning near the Antarctic Circle generated a midnight sun effect on the region.[2]


Aurelian War

In 2020, Terminus Island was captured by Diego Navarro's forces in the opening of the Aurelian War, and was turned into a refueling base for the Gleipnir. A makeshift "runway" for the aircraft was made with several buoys next to the oil fields, which were also commandeered by Leasath's military.[2]

During the war, Aurelia launched a naval mission to rescue a scientist with knowledge of the airship's systems held in the oil field facilities. The man was rescued by commandos and evacuated on the submarine Naiad with the aid of Gryphus and the Aurelian Navy.[3]