The Gauntlet is an special mission featured in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. It pits the player against all of the Belkan ace squadrons encountered in the story. The Gauntlet can only be played in Free Mission.

How to Unlock

The Gauntlet is unlocked by acquiring all of the following Assault Records:[1]


All enemy units in this mission are TGTs, therefore every enemy unit encountered must be shot down. The player will have 30 minutes in total to shoot down the enemies; the timer does not reset at each Mission Update. The squadrons the player faces will depend on how fast they take down Gelb Team and Espada Team.

The player will complete the mission once they shoot down Wizard Squadron, Gault Team, Sorcerer Squadron, or Mobius.

Enemy List

The following enemy list is taken from the Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War Perfect Guide Book.[1]

Section Unit Points Count Notes
Initial Icon-AirTGT.svg Su-37 "Gelb" 2770 2
Mission Update Icon-AirTGT.svg Typhoon "Rot" 2400 4 [note 1]
Icon-AirTGT.svg F/A-18C "Grun" 1680 4 [note 2]
Icon-AirTGT.svg Gripen C "Indigo" 2040 4 [note 3]
Mission Update 2 Icon-AirTGT.svg MiG-31 "Schwarze" 2380 8 [note 1]
Icon-AirTGT.svg F-14D "Schnee"
EA-6B "Schnee"
[note 2]
Icon-AirTGT.svg F-4E "Silber"
F-16C "Silber"
[note 3]
Mission Update 3 Icon-AirTGT.svg J35J "Espada"
Rafale M "Espada"
Mission Update 4 Icon-AirTGT.svg YF-23A "Wizard"
F/A-22A "Mobius"
[note 4]
Icon-AirTGT.svg F-16XL "Wizard"
YF-23A "Wizard"
[note 5]
Icon-AirTGT.svg Su-47 "Gault" 3000 8 [note 6]
Icon-AirTGT.svg F-15S/MTD "Sorcerer" 2800 8 [note 7]

S Rank

Earning an S rank on The Gauntlet requires completing the mission in 14 minutes or less.[1] It would be best to take a fighter with air-to-air special weapons to make quick work of squadrons, especially those that spawn in front of the player.

It is recommended to avoid fighting Schwarze and instead fight Schnee or Silber, by waiting more than 60 seconds to shoot down Gelb. This gives the player fewer enemies to fight in Mission Update 2.



  • The background music for this mission is "Zero", from the eponymous mission.
  • While the player's ammo and damage do not reset between the Mission Updates, a Return Line is available to the south of B7R, which allows the player to land at Valais Air Base and rearm.
  • "Mobius" is the first enemy unit in the Ace Combat series to feature the ability to fire up to four missiles at once instead of two. Previously, only the XFA-27 in Ace Combat 2 was capable of this.
    • Mobius is also capable of performing 90-degree High-G Turns as well as firing his four-missile salvo backwards.
    • Mobius's F-22A also features increased armor, requiring four missiles to be shot down.
    • Mobius is worth 30,000 credits, the highest value of any single unit in Ace Combat Zero. However, the player would earn more total credits if they engage the full Wizard Squadron instead of Mobius.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Rot and Schwarze will spawn if the player shoots down Gelb in less than 60 seconds.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Grun and Schnee will spawn if the player shoots down Gelb in 60–120 seconds.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Indigo and Silber will spawn if the player shoots down Gelb in more than 120 seconds.
  4. Wizard and Mobius will spawn if the player shoots down Espada in less than 60 seconds on Ace difficulty. Mobius will shoot down all Wizard aircraft and then engage the player.
  5. Wizard will spawn if the player shoots down Espada in less than 90 seconds.
  6. Gault will spawn if the player shoots down Espada in 90–180 seconds.
  7. Sorcerer will spawn if the player shoots down Espada in more than 180 seconds.