The Inferno is the eleventh mission of Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.


The Allied forces of the Osean Federation have decided to launch an assault on the Belkan city of Hoffnung, which houses the nation's main weapons production facilities in order to accelerate the end of the war, and thus have asked Ustio for help.

Once again taking the role of Cipher, the player, assisted by the Crow Squadron, must protect the B-52 bomber formation and suppress any remaining Belkan defenses both on the air and on the ground. Upon arriving to Hoffnung, the mercenaries discover that the bombing operation has degenerated into a full-blown carpet bombing, with the Stratofortress operators deploying their ordnance with no regards whatsoever to civilian casualties as a massive fire rages within the city.


  • The events of the mission are similar to the bombing of the German city of Dresdene in World War II, in that the objecti
  • Hoffnung is German for "hope", so the bombing of Hoffnung can be referred to as the loss of hope for the Belkans.
    • In the international versions of the game, a Belkan soldier can be heard ordering his allies to "abandon Hoffnung". The line may be interpreted as a reference to Dante's Divine Comedy, in which the gates of hell bear the famed inscription "abandon hope all ye who enter here."
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