Before the two planes take off, capture both of them in one shot. Got it?
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The Northern Eye is the third campaign mission of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.


The Allied forces are retreating, and survivors are gathering at the northern port of St. Ark. However, the radar facilities atop Mt. Shezna provide tactical support to the enemy. As a result, our evac mission is in jeopardy. If our troops can successfully evacuate and regroup at North Point, they will become a formidable force in future battles. Your mission is to destroy the radar facilities on Mt. Shezna, thereby blinding the enemy and hiding our troop movements.


The enemy radar domes are the primary targets, split into two separate bases: Shezna Radar 1 to the east, and Shezna Radar 2 to the west. The targets are located atop the mountain peaks and are not hard to miss. Anti-air ground units and intercepting fighters will attempt to thwart the attack, so it is recommended that those forces be destroyed as well.

Mission Update[]

After all the radar bases are destroyed, AWACS SkyEye will instruct the player to return to base by crossing the white dotted Return Line at the bottom of the map.

Enemy Lists[]

Standard Units[]

Unit Points Count Notes
Icon-GroundEnemy AA GUN 20 4
Icon-GroundTGT RADAR 100 9
Icon-AirEnemy CH-47 40 1
Icon-AirEnemy F-4 60 2
Icon-AirEnemy F-5E 60 3
Icon-AirEnemy F-16 60 4

Special Units[]

Unit Points Count Notes
Icon-AirEnemy F-16 "TEMPEL" 240 1 [note 1]

S Rank[]

An S rank for this mission requires 1,380 points on Normal difficulty or above (1,220 points on Easy difficulty or below).[1][2] Destroy as many non-TGT enemies as possible to obtain the required score.


With their radar out of commission, the enemy's command and control is degraded. The evac and regrouping efforts are proceeding as scheduled.



  1. The player must have completed the campaign, and must be playing on Normal difficulty or higher. Tempel is located west-southwest of the first radar base.