The Orientation is the 34th mission in the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. It is the first mission in the Ouroboros(I) arc, and is played if the player follows Dision in Dilemma. Starting with this mission, the player will only be able to use the XFA-36A Game.


The player's objective is to destroy all buildings and freeways. After all targets are destroyed, the player's new objective is to destroy the target V-22Bs. If any survive past 1:30 minutes, the next mission played is Liquidation. If all target V-22Bs are destroyed, the next mission played is Archnemesis.

Enemy List

Section Unit Count Notes
Initial Icon-AirEnemy.svg R-201U 4
Icon-AirEnemy.svg Su-43 6
Icon-AirEnemy.svg V-22B 5
Icon-GroundTGT.svg Building 2
Icon-GroundTGT.svg Freeway 8
Icon-GroundEnemy.svg GUN 4
Icon-GroundEnemy.svg MSSL 2
Mission Update Icon-AirTGT.svg V-22B 3


Earning an A-Rank requires destroying 29+ enemies.[1]


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