(スカイ・クロラ イノセン・テイセス Sukai Kurora: Inosen Teisesu) is an arcade-style combat flight simulator for the Wii. The story is set before the 2008 anime film adaptation of Hiroshi Mori's novel series The Sky Crawlers. Developed by Ace Combat development team Project Aces and published by Namco Bandai in Japan and XSeed Games in North America, it is considered an spiritual successor of the AC series. The plot is similar to the AC series except it is more into the WWII style. The aircraft featured are mostly WWII planes like the P-38 Lightning, BF-109E, Focke-Wulf Fw-190, and P-40. The quote is "Embarking upon a renaissance of emotion".


The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces is the first game made only by Namco's Project Aces team. Numerous Ace Combat Series characteristics are seen such as an Silent Protagonist. The player takes on the role of 'Lynx' of the 'Cougar Squadron' fighting a corporation called 'Lautern'.


The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces appears to be a more World War 2 Ace Combat game. The silent protagonist, as aforementioned, is an unknown pilot that goes by the name of Lynx. The "Earth" of the game includes wars staged by companies to make civilians feel the peace around them. An innovation by Rostock Military Corporation, the Kildren was practically a clone of a "perfect" pilot. Kildren are forever young and are equally matched against aces.


Gameplay is similar to that of Ace Combat series games. the player takes on the role of silent protagonist "Lynx" of the Rostock Corporation's Air Force which is fighting against the Lautern Corporation. Cougar Squadron is his squad. He begins by helping allies clear Rudakai of enemy Jammer planes. He also helps in protecting 5 new recruits (Kildren recruits) from the enemy. Soon after though, their squad captain, Yamasaki, is shot down and Lynx is appointed squad leader. After several more missions, Lynx's wingmen rename his call sign to Cheetah. He was assigned by the Deputy Chief of Intelligence Mozume to try out their new aircraft, the Sanka (real-life Japanese WW2 push-prop) and also destroy Lautern's new weapon, a fortified base housing 5 advanced AA guns, similar to the guns in Mt. Nevera of Ace Combat X, and a railgun. It was during this battle that he shot down his wingman and lost his other 2 wingmen. After, he helped in preventing the destruction of Rostock's super weapon, the Wolfram, a giant airborne dirigible. Mozume, acting as one of his allies, turned to Lautern's side and with him, 3 Kildren, Ukomuri, Watari and Ishitobi. The other part of Mozume's plan was to complete the Wolfram and give it to Lautern. His plan ended when both the Kildren and Wolfram were destroyed by Cheetah. One Kildren (Orishina), however, defected score Mozume's plan began. The last battle of the war was waged between the remaining air forces of Lautern and Rostock. Midway through the battle, Lautern forces began to retreat and their ace, Orishina, arrived. Soon, it became a dogfight between aces. The battle ended when Orishina's plane suffered too much damage from Cheetah's attacks.


  • A J7W1 Shinden is pictured on one of the covers of the game.
  • Several voice actors also did voices for other characters from Ace Combat games;
  1. The reporter in Mission 2 sounds like the Osean Broadcasting Corporation reporter of Ace Combat 5.
  2. 'Yamasaki' sounds like AWACS Ghost Eye of Ace Combat 6.
  3. Several wingmen sound like Shamrock from Ace Combat 6.


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