For the song that plays during this mission, see The Unsung War.

"The SOLG has fallen to an altitude low enough for you to attack. I know you can do this. Destroy it!"
AWACS Oka Nieba

The Unsung War is the 29th and final campaign mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, but is listed in the game as Mission 27+ due to it being a direct continuation of the previous mission. Following the events of the previous mission, the Strategic Orbital Linear Gun began an automatic descent towards Oured programmed to occur if it ever lost contact with the ground control devices. The player must destroy the SOLG before the V2 inside causes massive destruction on Oured.



If the mission isn't being accessed through Free Mission, the player and the player's squadmates all use the same aircraft as the previous mission. The player starts out on a highway in Oured being used as a makeshift runway, and must perform a takeoff.

After takeoff, the player and the rest of the squadron spawn at the southeastern corner of the mission boundary. A marker is placed to the northwestern corner to denote the SOLG's descent point and the player must arrive there as quickly as possible to have enough time to destroy it.

Mission Update

Grabacr and Ofnir appearing

When the player gets a little over halfway to the descent point, or when there is 1 minute remaining on the SOLG's descent, whichever happens first,[1] Grabacr and Ofnir appear and engage the player one last time. The player's priority is to arrive at the SOLG's descent point, but they can take some time to shoot down the enemy squadrons if possible. However, they are not mission-important and can be left alone for the remainder of the mission.

If the player shoots down Grabacr and Ofnir with plenty of time to spare for the SOLG's descent, bonus wingmen dialogue plays with the piano tune "15 Years Ago" in the background.

Mission Update 2

This Mission Update is not notified to the player, but still affects the objective and time remaining.

Once the SOLG has reached the descent point, the player is free to engage it. The four TGT COREs are protected by four large rotating accelerators, multiple solar array wings, and plenty of smaller fragments. The player must exercise caution while flying close to the SOLG and avoid all falling debris while matching the rotation timing to hit the COREs.

When the SOLG is 10 miles from Oured, the four large rotating accelerators and all remaining solar array wings automatically fall off. At 5 miles from Oured, the smaller rotating ring also falls away, leaving the COREs completely exposed. If the player does not destroy the SOLG before the timer runs out, a short failure cutscene plays showing the SOLG smashing into Oured with a massive explosion.

Once the player destroys all four COREs, the mission is completed.

Enemy Units

The following enemy lists are taken from the Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Perfect Guide.[1]

Standard Units

Section Unit Points Count Notes
Mission Update 1 Icon-AirEnemy.svg S-32 "GRABACR" 2020 4 [note 1]
Icon-AirEnemy.svg S-32 "OFNIR" 2020 4 [note 1]
Mission Update 2 Icon-AirTGT.svg CORE 2000 4
CORE 2000 1 [note 2]

Special Units

The following unit only shows up after the player completes the campaign at least once. It appears on Normal difficulty and higher in both campaign and Free Mission.

Unit Points Notes
Icon-AirEnemy.svg MiG-1.44 "REPLICATOR" 2000 [note 3]

S Rank

Earning an S Rank on this mission requires earning 24,160 points.[1] The player must shoot down all eight of the Grabacr and Ofnir aircraft as well as all four of the SOLG's core components.


  1. 1.0 1.1 After a certain amount of time in Mission Update 2, all GRABACR and OFNIR aircraft self-destruct. The player receives no points for any self-destructing aircraft.
  2. This hidden CORE is located inside the SOLG's gun barrel and appears as a wall. Destroying this CORE instantly completes the mission, regardless of the status of the TGT COREs. The player has many options to destroy this CORE including using the Rocket Launcher's splash damage from outside, using the Tactical Laser System into the gun barrel, or flying directly inside the gun barrel.
  3. The player must shoot down all GRABACR and OFNIR aircraft with more than 1 minute remaining to the SOLG's descent. REPLICATOR spawns to the southeast and flies very fast to the SOLG descent point.