This mission is not considered part of Strangereal canon, and therefore has no corresponding operation page.

The Wasteland is mission 8B in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.


  • No change in mission parameters (Santa Elva > BlitzIn Pursuit I > Time Limit)
  • Enemy special operations force reinforcements (Santa Elva > Blitz): Hamlet Unit vehicles are among the enemy troops.
  • Aircraft: Limited special weapons (Santa Elva > Blitz > In Pursuit I)


Eugene Solano: We have obtained intelligence that Leasath forces on the Kalana Steppes are increasing by the hour. With the Sachana Air Base in our hands, Leasath has abandoned its air force dispatch. However, the enemy is concentrating ground troops near these ruins, and we are starting to see suspicious movement. Ignoring this threat could prove to be costly later on. It would be best to take action now and be rid of this threat once and for all.

Variation A:

...these ruins, and appears to be preparing to attack Santa Elva. Ignoring...

Variation B:

The presence of special forces within their ranks has also been confirmed. If enemy special forces are allowed to make their way into Santa Elva, the situation could turn ugly.

Variation C:

Be aware, supplies from Santa Elva have dried up and special weapons are scarce. Use special weapons with caution as their number will be less than the standard amount.


The player and their allies begin at the northern fringe of the map, with a lone A-10A Thunderbolt II and three AH-64 Apaches directly in front. Miles ahead of the starting position are two large enemy encampments filled with tents, radio antennas, SAM batteries and anti-air guns. Several columns of tanks, SAMs, AA guns and other vehicles will appear as the player destroys enemies.

The tight positioning of the enemy forces and the lack of major air combat make this an optimal scenario for attacker aircraft with area-of-effect or multi-target SP weapons. Many of the vehicle columns include fuelcars, which can be picked off with a missile to cheaply destroy the entire column.

Special units

Ace: F-15E Rage - Appears in the southern area of the map when less than two minutes are left.

Star unit: Vehicle - Appears in a road in the northern area when 60 seconds remain.


Enemy ground forces have been all but wiped out. For the time being we can turn our attention away from the Kalana Steppes and towards more pressing matters.

Variation A and C:

It's good to see you made it back, sir.

Variation B:

Several members of the special forces were among the soldiers who surrendered, and we were able to gain invaluable intel about their mission objectives. Had they succeeded in infiltrating Santa Elva, and carrying out their mission, the city could have been in a terrible situation. It's good to see you made it back, sir.

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