The Winds of Futuro was one of the most experienced forces in the Belkan Air Force, consisting of three two-man squadrons (Gabel, Schakal, and Postler) and several additional ace pilots. Together, The Winds of Futuro were an elite air superiority unit and a symbol of the Belkan Air Force's might.


During the Belkan War, The Winds of Futuro was assigned to guard the airspace over and around the Futuro Canal, which was occupied by the Belkan Army. Each squadron was assigned to protect a different area of the canal: Gabel Squadron was stationed at the canal's northern entrance and protected the Belkan naval vessels positioned there;[1] Schakal Squadron protected the port facilities at the canal's southern entrance;[2] and Postler Squadron patrolled the airspace along the Futuro's length.[3]

On April 24, 1995, the Allied Forces launched a large-scale assault on the Futuro Canal in hopes of retaking the inland waterway. Gabel and Schakal Squadrons engaged the attacking Allied and mercenary fighters, but were ultimately shot down by Galm Team.[1][2] Despite Postler Squadron's efforts, the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet and its newest aircraft carrier, the OFS Kestrel, sailed through the canal and into the Great Lakes; Postler was eventually shot down as well.[3] Many of the Belkan pilots are listed as killed in action.


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