• lol the range is massive what more do you want, you can hit more with it than you can a full volley of SFFS

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    • The MPBM was nerfed in Infinity and remains nerfed in 7 compared to its power in Zero, but it still offers incredible power comparable to the FAEB. It has only slightly less range than the FAEB and slightly less power, but it's still a good weapon if you know how to use it. It's not like Zero where it'll wipe the map. Use the PLSL for that 😛

      But I definitely miss the flashbang.

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    • Actually Sly I'd like to fact check you there, ships have a damage resistance towards bomb weapons (ESPECIALLY THE ALICORN) and therefore the MPBM is generally better at fighting ships than the FAEB. As not many land targets can withstand an MPBM or FAEB anyway, it makes the MPBM definitively superior in terms of damage output in general conpared to the FAEB, at least towards ground targets. As the radius is just a bit smaller and it homes with a decently long range, I'd hazard to say it's just better in general.

      And the damage resistance of ships to the FAEB is extremely noticeable too. I did a run of SP03 recently with MPBM + SP Missile damage part and I accidentally destroyed all of the Alicorn's targets before it dived for the first time because the MPBM did that much splash damage.

      Meanwhile, our good friend Solutus did a livestream where he played SP03 with the FAEB and the VLS/railguns were still alive during the final phase with the rail cannon because the damage output was that poor, and he was almost out of FAEBs. He wasn't even attacking the rail cannon and was just bombing the railguns and they would not die.

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    • Oh I agree that you get a tradeoff with the FAEB being a bomb and the MPBM being a missile. Against non-naval targets, though, the MPBM is slightly less powerful than the FAEB. You're still proving my point, though -- if you know how to use it, the MPBM is still a worthy weapon.

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    • Oh definitely it's less powerful. My point is that there's just not a lot of land targets that warrant that bit of extra power. Still quite a fun weapon to use unless you're playing SP03 :P

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