• Ghosteye is Garuda teams AWACS in ace combat 6. If you thought namco was combining ghost from mw2 (seriously??) and sky eye from ace combat 4, you need to leave this wikia. You're an embarrassment to ace combat fans. Get out. I'm cringing so hard right now, who thinks of that???

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    • Bro, you better chill.

      Point one: Ask anyone else on this Wikia and they'll probably call me an oddball. That's because I do my thinking out loud, and I'm usually not serious about my thoughts. I was thnking about the name GhostEye, right after playing MW2. I also would be comparing Ghost's character traits to GhostEye, if anything. I am also NOT implying that Project Aces and Infinity Ward are shacking up together.

      Point two: If you have an opinion against me, please tell it nicely. I am a major Ace Combat fan (AC04, AC5, ACX, ACZ, ACXi, ACAH, AC6, Ace Combat Advance) and I understand what it is like when AC fans are being embarrased. That's not my intent.

      I think out loud, I think about things that will never happen, and I think that you need to take a breather and figure out that I'm not serious.

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    • Advice-think before you speak

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    • Thank you.

      Advice-Don't jump to conclusions

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    • A FANDOM user
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