• Hi, I'm a kid in New Zealand ( I understand if you have not heard of it) and I'm a fan ace combat. I'm a bit of a n00b and could use some tips. My strategy is up close and personnel and my favourite airplane is ever the SU 47 F22, or PAK FA 

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    • Hello! I have heard of New Zealand and I think it's a great place (although, I've never been there.)

      For aircraft like yours, you can probably use any strategy you want. If you're going to get in that close, though:

      1.) A certain level of skill is required for close-quarter combat. If you've just purchased your first copy of Ace Combat, you might want to start with missiles as your main weapon. Maybe check out some of the tutorials.

      2.) In close combat, guns would work better than missiles (because guns are for closer combat.) If you can tail him long enough, you can probably get a good gun kill.

      3.) Cockpit/HUD view is good for gunfights, since (in my humble opinion) the reticle stays in more or less of a constant position.

      4.) If he's an ace (say, Strigon or Schwarze), it's going to be so hard to get in close. Missiles would be helpful here, since they almost never stay in one position (unlike the trajectory for the guns).

      Just some that I can think of for gunfighting. See you in the sky sometime!

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    • Hello, I am an Ace Combat fan myself, and also young. But which AC Title are you refering to? Assault Horizon, Ace Combat 6? X2? This is information one should know. But I assume Assault Horizon is what you want.

      In gerenal, the strategy for close attacks, use both your guns and missiles. This is however my opinion. The gun is very effective if used well, and can be a difference between a kill, or a damaged target. It's also has a good hit rate when flares are deployed, as it doesn't use tracking. Using missiles close range will have a high chance of a hit, so be able to fire multiples.

      For aircraft, the Su-47, F-22, and T-50 (PAK FA) are high agality air to air fighters. They boast the highest anti-air numbers. The disavantage of this is a lower stablity for the Su-47, meaning they stall at a high speed than more stable aircraft. For example, the F-22 would stall at 120 knots, while the Su-47 would stall at 140.

      I would recomend the F-22, as it is the all rounded fighter out of the other three. If you want more power and agality, the PAK FA, as it has higher stats than the F-22. The Su-47 is good for taking down bombers, but can be good for manuvers, as it has high agality. Just be careful, or you could stall and crash.

      Well I don't know the best strategy for ACAH, as I don't have the game. However, I did play previous titles (Ace Combat 4, 5, and ACAH Demo), and from personal experience, using your guns are an effective way to shoot down planes at close range, and save missiles (AC4-6 has 80, ACAH has 100+). In AC5 arcade mode, I fought 10 fighters at close-range. By slowing down, I put myself right behind them, gunned them down, and used my XMAA's to get muti-kills. 

      Again, this is my opinion, and I'm not experienced with Assault Horizon, but this is a good  way. 

      I hope this helps, and I do know New Zealand, near Australia. 

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