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    21:33, May 6, 2014

    This is Sly. Can you stop? PLEASE? I've been getting extremely pissed lately with you changing stuff under my nose for me to find out later through 300+ emails in my inbox.

    From what I've seen so far, you've deleted pages and categories that we actually needed and changed categories on a bunch of pages. I've yet to figure out if you've changed any content besides that.

    Please. STOP. If you want to make a mass change, please discuss it with me and we'll figure out if it's a good idea or if we should also confer with the members or if we should scrap it altogether. This is not how to do it.

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    • Still alive? Thought I should get off my ass and start giving pages a standardized format, instead of leaving them as part of a random jumble of categories. Belkan Military, Belkan Army, Belkan military - we've been through three major AC releases in the past four years, and we still haven't adopted a permanent format. I can't leave this place disorganized like the former AceWiki, Sly.

      And forgive me if I incited your anger. Next time you log on, I want to talk about the formats used by the site: timelines, events, content granularity and the like so we can get this straight. This is something I want to finish, and I hope you understand.

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    • You deleted pages such as Liberty Seven Project and Unknown Belkan Separatist Squadron, and you've removed categories from pages like Category:Belka and Category:Squadrons from Gelb Team. I'm not sure where the good in that was. Oh, and not to mention the insane langauge you're using in the edit histories. "You stupid fuck." What the hell incited that?! You have any idea how close I am to contacting Wikia Support and demoting you because of all of this?

      If you have a Skype, add me (live:albanzekthi), because that would make this a lot easier.

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    • Well, you got the swear part right. Sometimes you got to find ways to get yourself to act and do something, and anger is good for that from my perspective. And this place is usually visited by a handful of people, so who's going to notice an insult or two, be it to current users or former Electrosphere-era AceWiki editors?

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