• I just wanted to bring it up because I didn't really want to leave it there without a response, even if you did think about it more. :P It's just that those bans were seven years old. We've almost completely changed administration since then, and 7 years ago, I was getting out of elementary school. I decided to give them the opportunity to return and become actual, better contributors. :) But if they do the same stuff again, we'll totally ban them again if necessary, don't worry about that.

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    • Okay, um... I need to bring this up now.

      You're getting a little over-exuberant with the blocks. You've been changing a lot of my blocks because you think everyone deserves to be permanently banned. Not the least of which was Protostealth, who you just perma-banned even though Wikia Support felt he only deserved two weeks (and I wanted to extend it to a month). Proto has already disabled his entire account.

      You can stop changing all of my blocks now. It would be highly appreciated; thank you.

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    • Two things:

      1. I'll cool it with the blocks.

      2. I don't think everyone should be permanently banned Sly, I just think that in some cases you are a little too lenient.

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    • They're not murdering people. This isn't a jail. We're supposed to be a welcoming community for fans to contribute to the wiki and participate in discussions.

      These were your recent blocks:

      • One week for removing content from pages (the IP address's first infraction). That was good.
      • 3 days for inserting false information. Absolutely fine, but you could have warned the user first, and if they kept doing it, then blocked them.
      • 1 year for NOTHING. I blocked User:Heathunter22 for 3 days, and it expired automatically, and the user hasn't done anything since. Then you blocked him for 1 year for vandalism. If he had done something else, I would have made a longer block. But you did that one for nothing.
      • 300 years for false information. See what I said above about the other guy you blocked for false info. This guy didn't deserve 300 years.
      • 60000 years for whatever someone did in 2010. That was unacceptable, but you revoked that block yourself, thankfully.
      • 2 hours for not contributing to a discussion. HIS ONLY CONTRIBUTION was asking if anyone had an aircraft! How the hell does that warrant a block?!
      • Blocking at least two people for being similar to How Shuan Shi, who we've already blocked. Fine, but you need more than just "fixing grammar here and there" to justify that. The guy was making numerous edits to select pages for a higher contribution count. People actually being helpful is not justification.

      This is not an iron fist government on Acepedia. We're supposed to be welcoming, and blocking should be considered an absolute last resort. It's not supposed to be used often. Not at all.

      Seriously, you blocked someone for two hours because he asked if anyone had the Morgan?!

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    • Okay I get your point. I'll cool it with the blocks.

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    • A FANDOM user
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