• Commander, I'm planning to scan "ACE Combat: Assault Horizon Master Guide", it will take two weeks. I'll contact you when I complete the operation.

    ACE Combat: Assault Horizon Master Guide (エースコンバット アサルト・ホライゾン マスターガイド), ISBN 978-4-04-727776-2, based on PS3 version of Assault Horizon, but the only difference between X-Box 360 software and PS3 software is the ranking system (X-Box 360 begins with A while PS3 begins with S), even the conditions for each level of ranking are the same. The book has 144 pages, all in technicolor, divided into four chapters "System", "Flight Technique", "Data", "Mission", "Data".

    BTW, I also thinking of add an article about the book.

    Will continue the endeavor of searching and sharing.

    Best Regards

    Sample AH Master Guide Front Cover
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    • Proto has been banned from the wiki and he's voluntarily deactivated his own account from all of Wikia. For a list of current Administrators, of which I am one, click here. But they will all tell you what I'm telling you now:

      This is your final warning for this. We will not tolerate full scans of any Ace Combat books on Acepedia, nor will we allow links to the full uploads elsewhere on the internet. Bandai Namco can and will give us copyright strikes for them, and Wikia will probably shut us down for breaking copyright laws. Using in-game media is fair use; uploading books is illegal.

      If you attempt to do anything related to this again, you will be permanently banned from the wiki.

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    • I apologize for inconvenience of this issue. I will abide copyright and fair use of any in-game media. No scannings.

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    • Thank you.

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    • A FANDOM user
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