• HA HA HA! YES! In a cutscene following the mission "Butterfly Master", the emblems for the Antares and Varcolac squadrons appear as "ace pilots" in the UNF and Bone Arrows. This, for me, is confirmation that the Varcolac and possibly Fenrir will make an appearance in either the storyline or at least the game itself.

    The emblems can be seen at 21:48 of the video below.

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    • Uh, I think people have known that ever since they completed Far Eastern Front. However, nothing of them joining you in a mission has been confirmed.

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    • I meant the aircraft. And I don't recall seeing any information put into the wiki's pages. Should I do it now? I think I shall.


      Huh. That's what I get for skimming articles...

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    • Try the aircraft they used before betraying Antares. Antares F-22 may be there, and the emblem too. After all, Ridgeback, Bone Arrow, Crow, and Wizard have been there.

      Varcolac squadron emblem may come, but I doubt their super plane. You can see the planes they used before, but thats about it. Update 1.04 is coming soon, so keep an eye out.

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    • I would love to see the Varcolac in game. And the addition of IRCMs.

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