• The stats for this one seem better? Anyone object?

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    • Assuming the data on this wiki is correct, the ADFX-01 is slightly worse than the ADFX-01 Pixy in a few ways, but superior in a few others. Please note that this comparison is between two level ten versions of each aircraft. The Pixy has an S rank in mobility against the standard Morgan's A+, and also has 4 extra TLS rounds, 3 extra MPBM rounds, and 5 extra ECM rounds. The standard Morgan, however, has one more part's slot of each type than the Pixy, costs less to upgrade to level ten, and has two nicknames that can be unlocked by upgrading it to level ten, which are as follows: "Wicked Pixy" and "Warbird". All other statistics appear to be the same. This data was recorded on January 30th, 2015, and may be invalid in future updates. If I am incorrect in one or more areas, please feel free to inform me and everyone else who might read this for information on the ADFX-01 Pixy vs the ADFX-01. Thank you.

      P.S.: If you are wondering why this is nearly identical to a comment on the ADFX-01 Pixy, this is because I just finished writing that comment when I saw this thread, and decided to copy/paste it because it had all the points I was going to make.

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