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    16:38, February 9, 2015

    Unlocking Supreme Mercenary and Knight medals in ACZ was easy,but unlocking the Supreme Soldier medal is anything but. I've been doing some research on it,but i can't seem to find a clear answer so i decided to ask here. All i know is that i need to spare as many yellow targets as i destroy,easiest way being checking the number of yellow targets in briefing and destroying half of them,but its hardly that simple;

    1. What if there are yellow targets not listed in briefing and/or more of them appear,what then?

    2. What if there is an uneven number of yellow targets making it impossible to destroy exactly half of them?

    3. Can i simply choose retry if something goes wrong (either during mission or after completing it) or do i need to do something else?

    4. My ace style meter is currently at the far end of the knight meter,how can i get it to the exact middle when destroying and sparing even amount of yellow targets doesn't move it into any direction (or not,i have no idea)?

    To put it shortly,trying to get this medal gives me a headache and i have no idea what to do to get the damn thing

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    • To get Supreme Soldier, you said it as it is; you have to spare as many yellow targets as you destroy. This isn't an exact rule, though, because of course there's going to be missions where there's an odd number of yellow targets.

      Try following the rule of three: Destroy three yellow targets you come across, then spare the next three you encounter. Then destroy the next three, then spare the next three after that, and so on.

      If there are more yellow targets than those listed in the briefing and/or more of them appear, that doesn't change anything, just keep following the rule of trying to destroy as many as you spare.

      You don't need to destroy exactly half. To get Supreme Soldier, the gauge has to be somewhere above the letter "D" in "Soldier". It doesn't have to be exact, but that's where it should be.

      Yes, retrying a mission is basically going back before you did it and doing it again, throwing out your previous run.

      Moving the gauge from the far end of the Knight section will probably require destroying a lot of the yellow targets and sparing few of them. Make sure that you're running on a new campaign to get Supreme Soldier because you have to go through a campaign and come out as a Soldier with the gauge just around the letter "D" to get the medal.

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    • Heh,nothing a few FAEB's can't fix when it comes to changing current ace style. Its the missions like Stage of the Apocalypse that scare me tho... theres nothing like a nuke to confuse you as you try count targets when every one of them suddenly turn yellow O.o

      Is it possible to FAEB stuff up until im somewhere along the soldier meter and then start sparing and wrecking stuff as needed? I hope that actually moves it to center and doesn't just stop it... Also,won't the meter flash when i hit the right spot?

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    • In The Stage of Apocalypse, you're right, every enemy unit becomes yellow because at that point, all enemy units retreat from the airspace not counting the reinforcements that come in. Just count out how many there are on your radar and proceed thusly.

      Yes, you can just FAEB everyone until you get into the Soldier area, and then start equally sparing and destroying yellow targets as needed.

      The meter doesn't flash when you hit the "Supreme" area. I haven't seen any kind of indicator in my entire time playing the game that tells you that you're in the Supreme zone.

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    • The easiest way is starting the campaign on full Supreme Knight and start demolishing the yellows. Fine tune the meter when reaching Mayhem and Inferno. If I remember correctly, Stage of Apocalypse didn't have that much effect on the meter. So if you're already above the "LDI" In Soldier, just leave the MiG-31s alone.

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    • I don't know if this counts as posting to an old thread,but it doesn't matter. Why?

      I finally got the Supreme Soldier Medal and ADFX-01 Morgan,thats why!

      Thank you for your help,i couldn't have done this otherwise

      And now to MPBM stuff as if it was going out of fashion!

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    • This thread was created 24 hours ago. It's not old at all. xD


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