• I found an article on Acepedia titled "Galaxian H" which also directs me to Mr. Kazutoki Kono's Twitter page in which he mentioned about the "GH" track in Infinity OST album. Here's his translated tweet about it :

    "By the way are in the soundtrack of ACEINF "GH" was the Starfighter planning of things using the ace engine. Demo trailer of the song. But trailer is interesting, it Mongaifushutsu due to circumstances."

    and this:

    ""GH", "G", of, of "GALAXIAN", "G"."

    Can it be that they may wanna revive the classic Galaxian game as a HD remake added with dramatic storylines using Ace Combat engine ?

    Remembering that Ace Combat 3 is apparently part of United Galaxy Space Force series, a series in which Galaxian also belongs to, I think it may be possible, even though it's just some speculation as there's no official news about it or the future of Ace Combat series yet.

    What do you think about this ? 

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    • wrote:

      Can it be that they may wanna revive the classic Galaxian game as a HD remake added with dramatic storylines using Ace Combat engine ?

      Yeah, that's pretty much what I figured. The same thing happened in 2002, where Project Aces created a remake of Xevious using the Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies engine. It was never released; more details are available at Bacura#Trivia. I feel like the same thing happened here, where Project Aces or the development team behind the Galaxian series used some Ace Combat engine and made a 3D Galaxian game (whether remake or brand new title; we don't know which). It's unfortunate that the details are being withheld, but this might mean that they're still in development stages with it, which means they might take it all the way. We'll have to see.

      If it released, however, it's unlikely that Galaxian H would feature a lot of Ace Combat/Strangereal elements in it, or even be considered as a part of the Ace Combat or UGSF series, because not much attention has been given to either Strangereal or UGSF. I feel the only attachment it'd have to Ace Combat would be in the engine used, the fact that Keiki Kobayashi made that trailer music, and Kazutoki Kono seems to be involved in some way.

      tl;dr I wouldn't expect too much. We'd really have to wait and see if this game is even being developed any further.

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    • Recently while reading Kazutoki Kono's twitter page about GH, I found out that he posted a picture (simple and beautiful, if you ask me) and it says "Galaxian Heroes". I wonder if that's a teaser of a new but still unconfirmed game or merely just an April's Fools joke. 

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    • It's the same thing as GH, it's all the same game. See Galaxian Heroes. We still have no details, and you're right, we have no confirmation that he was telling the truth. He specifically warned about the date and questioned himself on whether or not it was a true picture. Sneaky guy xD But for now we're treating it as truth. Still doesn't say anything about the game's status, though.

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