• Attention, all mercenary aces! Stocked Fuel is on sale once more - the 10+1 and 50+10 packs are 20% off for the next week! Use this opportunity to stock up on fuel for the current tournament or any other use you may have.

    Additionally, in North and Latin America, PSN is having a 10% discount on most purchases in the PlayStation Store on the web this weekend only using the discount code LQ8ERDQH3A. You can use this in addition with the discount on the 10+1 and 50+10 fuel packs for even more savings! Full details here:

    Please be advised that this sale began last week, and should only be going on for another half-week.

    Please be advised that not all regions are participating in this sale; the Stocked Fuel in some regions will remain at full price.

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    • Is the Stocked Fuel and Special Supply Ticket F still bugged?

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    • Regal2 wrote:

      Is the Stocked Fuel and Special Supply Ticket F still bugged?

      Personally, I'm staying far away from all of those sets because I can't trust them. Bandai Namco claimed that the issue was only in Asian regions. Maybe it's fixed, maybe it's not. I can't say for certain, I'm sorry.

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    • A FANDOM user
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