• Just WOW people. I just sortied a Moby Dick III with x6 forced sorties with both types of contracts active, and got 1.38 million credits and I SUCKED in it to boot! 8 people, did poorly, a little over 10,000 points but still got a big pay, and in part slot points I saw x13.5 gain and went from 5600's to 3800's.

    Sure enough both of the new credit based challenges got done instantly, F15 S/MTD -Leo- and nonstandard upgrade.

    By the way, there are new lv. cap increase request form for 2 star only and for 3 star only in the Items List window. Wonder if those will be dropping form boxes or what.

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    • Now I flew a Moby Dick IV and MVP but died once so considerable penalty. Got 1.41m credits.

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    • Got a drop of a special aircraft level cap form (the original) from a golden drop when i was in a room with room bonus wich was increased rate of rare drops

      Why dont i ever get special raid III or 4 only II and I and even they are rare

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    • I did Stonehenge II and got MVP and 470k credits. Also, has anyone else noticed the low tier aircraft prices have fallen a ton?

      EDIT: Look here for info on price drops.

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    • Sortied x6 in Stonehenge III with both contracts and no research going on, MVP'd and got 1.48m credits

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    • The only Raid I found was SI2, but the Host closed the room.

      Epic rage...

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    • I've left some I raids, and I've "felt inclined" to leave some raids II to save fuel for the III and IV ones, but I've x6 them anyways and gotten over 800k credits which is still 130k per tank.

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