• So, hey there man, I heard from some friends of mine that you're the guy who might know the answer to my question. So, I came here just to ask this:

    Since I'm Brazilian, local stores just sells PSN in "Reais". However, I'm intrigued: are those PSN "Reais" automatically converted to PSN "Dollars", if I make an transaction for something in Dollars, using Reais? Or it causes errors?

    And does PSN Reais goes credited in my Unitedstatian-created PSN?

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    • Uhm... I am not sure to understand completely what you are saying, so take my words with caution.

      When you visit the PS Store and you try to purchase something, what currency is used? Are you asked to pay with US dollars, EU euros, JPN yen or BR reais?

      think your PS Store screen displays US dollars.

      Anyway, your local stores should sell Vouchers of the same currency used by your PS store. You will need to check what is the conversion rate: for example, if 10 BR Rea = 1 US Dol and you pay a 20$ voucher something like 300 Reais (insted of the expected 200), then you should buying those vouchers elsewhere.

      I hope that helps!

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    • I got it. No, unfortunately what I meant was: Okay, I just bought, let's say, R$ 200.00 BR cash. Today's quotation of Dollar is R$3.75. That gives ~US$65.00-75.00. And, since I registered my PSN account to an alternative Unitedstatian location, everything appears in US Dollars, I believe. But my local stores sells PSN Reais, as I'm in an Brazilian-located PSN zone. So, what I'm asking is, If I put BR cash into my US PSN, will it not work? And if it work, will I be able to buy anything in PSN Dollars as well, presuming it auto-exchange BR cash to Dollars?

      Hope I was clear as a crystal. Any doubt, just ask.

      PS: Well, of course I use an Brazilian IP address, but when I created my account, I changed my location to somewhere over Big Apple, NY, and now I dunno if it accepts PSN Reais as well. Also, I heard this user might be Brazilian as well, so he might know, too.

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    • If your account is US-based, even if now you are no longer in the United States, I would avoid buying Reais vouchers because I really fear they would not be accepted. 

      AFAIK, there is no currency exchange within PSN. If you want to have some money on your account, you can:

      1) use a credit card: even if you pay in Reais, your money will be turned into US dollars.

      2) buy online in trusted shops one or more USD vouchers.

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    • They don't. If you buy brazilian PSN cards they will be added as reais to your account, also they only work on your brazilian PSN account. 

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    • Hm, so since my PSN account is set on the United States, then it only accepts USDs then. Oh, well, it is as I feared...

      Anyway, thanks for the info, my doubts have been soluted. Now I managed to find an international credit card to add some funds, although nowaday's dollars are pretty much costly for Brazilian reais.

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    • I buy pre-paid cards US cards on Mercado Livre, my main account is also from US. Now is not good time to buy it since like you said the dollar is too costly for us. 

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