• I know you're new but could you please place images in the right pages? We don't need so many in-game shots on a game article.

    EDIT: I just went through the upload log. You're spamming images that are of no use here. How about getting hangar views of all the aircraft from AC2 and AH in their default color? That would really help.

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    • want to im get pictures from hangar of AC2 OR AH right¬†? sorry for my bad speaking im not know good english because im are a iranian:-}

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    • I understand.

      You should check each aircraft article to see which ones have already been done. From there, capture the ones that are missing.

      Also, use proper filenames instead of generic ones when uploading them.

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    • Watch it, Shay. You're bordering on one more ban on your account for treating a user of the wikia like this.

      Edge&Slash, please ignore mostly everything Shayanomer said to you. We welcome all image uploads as long as they're not one of the following things:

      1. A duplicate of a photo we already have
      2. Extremely low-quality
      3. Fan art
      4. A photo of something in real life

      A couple of your recent uploads are unfortunately duplicates or low-quality. That's the AC2 ones you uploaded; we already have the FALKEN, and the XFA-27 needs to be a lot bigger than that.

      Some of the Assault Horizon photos are pretty good, but they don't need to be put on the article's main gallery. You're free to add them to your userpage, and I'll definitely put at least one of them on the F-15S/MTD article. But we would rather have the default colors rather than user-defined colors for articles. The custom colors are definitely fair game for your user page, though!

      What Shay said about generic filenames is correct. Instead of File:Ace Combat AH 2015-10-15 11-40-49-36.png, maybe File:F-15S/MTD Custom Color - Red, Blue, Gray would work better.

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    • thankyou for your help

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    • A FANDOM user
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