• When possible, we try to avoid using images that use the .gif format. On top of that, we try to avoid gifs in general - this is an encyu clopedia, not imgur. I'm sorry but I do need to delete the ADFX-02 gif you uploaded.

    That being said, that gif was uploaded to Tumblr here. I hope that's your Tumblr blog (otherwise I'd have words to tell you about taking credit for someone else's work), but that website is much better for sharing gifs than Acepedia.

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    • Do not worry, the GIF is mine and Tumblr blog is mine.

      Well I decided to reduce my activity in Acepedia, not to infringe upon more with the rules of Wikia.

      Thank you for accepting my few contributions in Acepedia.

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    • I don't want you to feel discouraged out of that. You're not necessarily breaking any rules, these aren't major things or anything like that. And the few contributions you've done lately have been constructive, if minor. Please, do keep editing around the wiki when you see inconsistencies or things that need cleaned up or expanded upon. I want everyone to enjoy editing here :)

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