• As it were, getting aircraft above Level 10 is nearly as expensive as getting a Level 1 super-plane. So what is the best way to get millions of credits without dumping tons of money into the game?

    Or is it better that I just continue to avoid playing in unrestricted rooms with players of 2000cst or more?

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    • Try playing the Emergency Missions III and IV, like Stonehenge and Aigaion. Then, use Force Sortie 6x, complemented by the mercenary contract.

      Yesterday, I got more than 1 million credits when I played Stonehenge III. Try not to get shot down to get the reward.

      Playing unrestricted with players of 2000cst or more is fine, though. Just more or less get the millions in the hardest emergency missions.

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    • I can get about 850k from every level-II raid. It's with the same setting recommended by Pao Ayo, which is x6 sortie and contracts, as well as not undergoing any researches. Depending on how many contracts you have and how many items are being researched, you can waste one for x6 raid sorties, except level-I raids.

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    • I know that you can get insane results on Special Raid Missions. It's just I rarely see even the level one missions. I played in a room for fifteen rounds and we didn't get a special raid mission.

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    • Hope you can get it.

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