• Nintendo has announced they are discontinuing the Miiverse service. This means that if you own Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy + (aka Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble +), after Miiverse shuts down on November 7, you will not be able to save or share screenshots of the game.

    This puts us in a very difficult position on Acepedia, as we need as many screenshots as we can get of some of the aircraft, locations, and missions in AC3D+. In particular, we need help in getting screenshots of the Amiibo-exclusive aircraft and alternate skins.

    If anyone out there has the game, especially if you have any Amiibos, please join our Discord server and help us coordinate to get these screenshots as fast as possible. The invite link is here:

    Outside of grabbing screenshots from AC3D+, Miiverse's discontinuation will not affect Acepedia, and will likely have little impact on the general Ace Combat community.

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