• Distant Thunder Manual Clippings

    Intels from the book , i a mfrench so it is in french sorry

    Hello i have notice on the book if were release as tutorial on PS2 games to the info about Ulysses are different to the intels .

    According my Book Ulysseshave a length of 3,2 KM and ca ncreate massive damage if he reach the Earth .

    Stonehenge have shoot multiple times however the shot number 5 have failed to damage Ulysses

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    • It seems as though they used the wrong number for Ulysses' size in the French manual. According to the original Japanese website, Ulysses was 1 mile (1.6 km) in diameter. Maybe they accidentally doubled it?

      The Stonehenge project running into testing problems is a new detail, though. Problem is, it's not corroborated by any other official material, and it's not in the North American manual.

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    • Hang on, is this the French manual for Ace Combat: Distant Thunder, or is this from a book about more than just Ace Combat?

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    • French manual , i have never see this manual in another language .  It is pretty strange to the translator have do this kind of mistake . I see the officiall and it seem to my book give false data .

      I have see another error : Erusea is call Eursea in french .

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