• Wouldn't the Topology map be more useful? Or is more that you want each country's map to be uniform?

    I get not wanting to outright retcon Independent State of Ugellas, since that's the only english rendering, but it's from an article that has several known translation errors ( Skully -> Scali, Sealsbridge -> Shellsbridge, Gunther -> Ganda, etc), so I figure noting that it is not a proper translation of the actual term would be useful.

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    • I think you meant to post this on Message Wall:SlyCooperFan1 rather than the public forum, seeing as how you're saying "You".

      Yes, we want the country maps to be uniform. We don't have topology maps for other territories, except Yuktobania and Anea from the Demons of Razgriz briefing.

      As for whether something is a "proper translation" or not, that's up to personal opinion and for debate. We have no other material to supersede Ugellas's official name from the AC04 site, unlike Skully, Seals Bridge, and Gunther.

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    • Alright, Could I see about adding similar maps to other countries? Also could add the topology map to Erusea's gallery.

      Do you think the literal translation could be trivia at least?

      Also sorry, I'll PM you personally about editing questions in the future.

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    • Go for it, just make sure you use File:Strangereal Map AC7.jpg's original file and using crops only, no other edits. We're not adding Erusea's topology map because there's no point in uploading it to the wiki; I've already deleted the file.

      Maybe, but AFAIK we have no set precedent for that. The only one we had was Fort Grays Airport which I've since removed.

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