• I was wondering what the policy is on speculation in articles. I noticed that D'elise is listed as the head of state of Erusea, which is unconfirmed and wouldn't make much sense given that it is a Kingdom and she is a Princess. I also noticed in Ugellas it talks about its role in the Continental War which is completely unknown.

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    • The policy on speculation is that it's not allowed except in obvious instances where we can rightly assume things given all available evidence, at which point it's not even speculation, it's inference.

      I already replied to your comment about Princess D'Elise. FWIW the title of Princess can be used for official leaders, see Princess#Princess as a substantive title on Wikipedia. We're very well aware that it's a Kingdom and not a Principality, but lacking any shred of evidence of a higher authority in the country, we can infer that Princess D'Elise is the head of state at the moment of AC7.

      I see no speculation in the Ugellas article on its role in the Continental War. Again, all of that can be inferred. ISAF held all non-Erusea territory before the war pushed them back, and since it shares a border with Erusea, Ugellas was obviously one of the first to fall since Erusea pushed eastward, and then ISAF came to their rescue. I don't see how any of that is speculatory.

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    • Well the obvious issue is that Ugellas could've been incorporated into Erusea BEFORE the Continental War. We don't have any information stating it either way. Same with D'elise. It could be that she's the head of state, but there's no actual proof that it's actually the case. To use a Gundam reference, she could be akin to Gihren in MSG: defacto political and military leader, but de jure subordinate to his Father, the actual sovereign. FWIW, I think it might be better to rename that info box 'leaders', since¬† it'd be more fair to say to both her and the Erusian Supreme Commander, who's actual role in the Erusean government is unknown.

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