• So I was watching AC4 gameplay and noticed that the Typhoon was numbered 118^04. This caught my attention, so I came to the wiki page and saw that the Aircraft # is listed as 118. Then I checked Talisman, Shamrock and Avalanche and all of them have "none; squadron number used."

    And I can't read Japanese, but the model kit cited also has 04 decals, so is the Aircraft # of Mobius 1, when applicable, in fact 04? (Or just "none.")

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    • In USAF's tail code system, there are two numbers in addition to the aircraft registration number that shows the year the aircraft is ordered. It can be assumed that the 04 on the Typhoon refers to 2004, the year said Typhoon was ordered.

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    • The Typhoon's paintjob is based on the German one in which the numbers are aircraft type+sequential number of the individual aircraft. And the 118 is a pretty clear reference to 118th TFW, so neither system is in use.

      Going by this wiki's pictures, in ACI Mobius 5 Typhoon has 05^118 on the port side and 118^05 on the starboard side, Mobius 6 Typhoon has 06^118/118^06 and Mobius 7 and 8 Rafales have 07 and 08, respectively, under the cockpit and NP 118 in the tail.

      Mobius 4 F-22 AFAICT only has the 118 in the tail like the Mobius 1 paintjob, so that doesn't say anything.

      Now Doylistically the 04 probably refers to AC04 the game or the "Grim Reaper" nickname, but that's not what I'm asking here.

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    • Thanks for the heads up. The 04 definitely refers to AC04, but what's important is that most appearances of the F-22 livery only shows 118 on the tail and no number on the front. I've changed the page to reflect the use of the squadron number as with the other aces you mentioned.

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    • No problem.

      Now I'm wondering if we should add that qualifier to every single Emmerian fighter pilot's page, or at least to Avalanche and Windhover pilots if not Sky Kid and Stingray.

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