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Threat in Back is the third campaign mission in Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion.


"Capture of Sallqa was prevented. However, the enemy's momentum shows no signs of weakening. At the foot of Mount Nevara[sic], south of the capital city, Griswall,
lies the port city of Challwa.
A request for emergency assistance has been received
from Aurelian land forces in the region.
Falco squadron is dispatched in response to the situation.

Leasath's air-supported marine contingent appears
to be positioning for an assault on the Leasath mainland.
It is apparent that
their targeted point-of-entry is Challwa.
In this region, only the Falco squadron possesses
the capability to respond to this latest of Leasath's threats.

Allowing the enemy's marine forces to thrust their way into
the Challwa bay, an area already
weakened to the point of inability to defend attack,
will equate to a complete fall of the area into enemy hands.
This would leave the armed forces defending the capital city,
Griswall, open to attack.

Our orders from General Staff Office:

"eliminate the enemy threat".[sic]"