Time Limit is a mission in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.


The mission is a rescue operation mission. Hamlet Unit, a biological warfare Leasath special forces unit, deployed the Cynocrine, a chemical agent, in Santa Elva and Gryphus One is deployed and equip with Neutralizing Agents to deal with the chemical threat. There is a twist to this mission: Gryphus One cannot turn too sharply and fly too fast or the neutralizing agent will explode. Also, enemy fighters are constantly attacking Gryphus One as the mission goes on. After the chemical threat is stopped, Gryphus One is able to take out enemy CAS fighters.

Completion of this mission nets the F-16XL and the RAM Coat armor if the special target is shot down.

Special Units

There are two special units in this mission The first is a named F-35C, Beacrux, and the second is an E-767. Shooting down the E-767 earns the RAM Coat armor.


  • The mission is similar to Ace Combat 5's "REPRISAL".
  • Barring any canyon or tunnel missions, this is regarded as one of the hardest missions in the entire series, arguably harder than even Grand Flight. This is due in part to the conditions of the mission: going too fast or turning too sharply makes the NTRL explode, and fighters will be attacking as the NTRL is used.
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