Tin Castle is the 4th mission of Ace Combat 2.

Allied intelligence has located the enemy's main forward base by analyzing their attack vector from recent attacks. The base in question turns out to be an ancient castle at the Amber Mountains, which is defended by AA artillery and aircraft squadrons. The player's objective is to approach and sanitize the area of hostiles. For the first time, the player is given the ability to launch alongside a wingman.

The alternate 4th mission Opera House can be unlocked if both warships are destroyed in the City On Fire mission.


"By analyzing the enemy's strike pattern, our intelligence division has successfully determined the location of the enemy's front base. The operation's target this time is to attack this base and to halt the enemy's fire power in its front lines.

Target: The enemy's front base

The enemy has commandeered an old castle in the hill country and is now using it as their fortress. Watch out for an attack by the enemy bombers and take extra precaution against anti-aircraft fire. Beginning with this operation, escort planes will be available to aid you on your missions should you require assistance. Think about each situation carefully, and give strategic instructions to each plane before take-off.

Good luck!"

Mission overview


  • 1 x Control Tower
  • 2 x Storage buildings
  • 2 x Oil tanks



  • Money: $35,000
  • Unlock: X-29A (aircraft, Normal mode only), SF-35 (extra mode only), Wingman functionality

Total Credit: 99,500