Tin Castle is the fourth mission in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.


After the recapture of Anchorhead city, Allied Forces analysts confirmed the location of a frontline base that belongs to the Rebel Forces. The abandoned old castle dubbed "The Keep" is used by the Rebels to store supplies within the walls to protect them from Allied ground forces. Scarface 1, now accompanied by a wingman, must destroy the enemy forces within the walls of The Keep while a separate Allied Forces attack group will attack the offshore oil drilling base Opera House later in the same day.


"We are to attack a Rebel frontline base. After analyzing their attack patterns, we've managed to locate the facility that we believe they are using as their base. Tactical documents have dubbed the location "The Keep." They're using a repurposed abandoned castle in a hilly area. They've just lost Anchorhead, so you can expect some aggressive resistance. Keep your attention on both airborne and ground attacks. Starting now you will be accompanied by a Number Two. TAC names, Slash and Edge. Both are very skilled pilots and will undoubtedly provide you with the backup you need. It's up to you as squadron leader to choose which will be your Number Two. Guide us to victory in this battle, along with your Number Two."


The majority of the enemies present in the mission are located on the ground with some targets placed behind a wall. The main enemies are spread into three castles. The two castles are significantly smaller than The Keep and only contain one target each. This mission serve as the tutorial for dive bombing and introduction of SAMs and Flak Guns. The player begins southwest of the enemies. A line of enemies will be located straight ahead. The first castle wall is the shortest among the rest, the player may not have to dive too steep to get the enemy inside. The second castle is taller than the first and requires a steep dive bombing to kill the enemy inside. The player will be instructed to head east toward The Keep. The ace Ricochet can be found north of The Keep. It will flee to the south if the player fail to destroy it in the first encounter. The Keep targets consist of four targets in the inside and vicinity of the main castle protected by AA guns, SAMs, and Flak guns; and a tower protected by an AA gun on the bridge above the river. After all targets are destroyed, a final target will appear in the deepest part of the castle. After the final enemy is eliminated, the mission ends.


"You've successfully destroyed the enemy base, The Keep. Weapons, munitions, and repair supplies were found inside the base. This will serve as a major hit against the Rebel's cause. But the Rebel presence is still at large. The battles will continue to be tough."

Differences in the Mission[]

  • If the player chose to fly with Edge, she may comment that the castle bore little similarity to the castles she'd seen back in her home.

S rank[]

Complete the mission within 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Named Enemy[]

  • Su-37 Ricochet : Appears to the northeast at the start of the mission. Ricochet will flee to the south if the player does not destroy it after the first encounter. The player must have completed the campaign for Ricochet to appear.