For the HARD version of this mission, see Tokyo Martial Law (HARD). For the Campaign mission, see Lost Butterfly.

Tokyo Martial Law is an Online Co-Op Mission in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place over the city of Tokyo, Japan, where players work together to destroy enemy forces that have taken over the region.


Enemy forces achieved air superiority in the sky over the Kanto plains, and has [sic] proceeded to deploy their forces across the entire capital region. The city defenders put up a good fight, but Tokyo ultimately fell to the enemy. In order to firmly establish their occupation, the enemy has placed ground forces across the city and has also gathered a fleet in Tokyo Bay. They have now turned the civilian infrastructure to military ends and are proceeding with the militarization and armament of Tokyo. Join the battle to liberate Tokyo and immediately wipe out enemy ground and sea forces.


When the mission begins, players will spawn at the southern part of the map. Enemies in the area are split between bandits and ground targets, separated into two districts: the southern harbor, and the northern urban area. There are a small number of ships placed on the river separating the two districts as well. If all of these targets are destroyed, a new set of ground targets will appear after a few seconds just south of the urban area. The air targets vary. There are several patterns. The first possible set is made of low priority F-14Ds, medium priority MiG-29s and Rafale Ms which always fly between buldings, and also SP F-15S/MTDs; The second set is made of the same planes as above, but with the Rafale Ms replaced by F/A-18Fs; The third set has low priority F-14Ds, medium priority MiG-29s, and SP F-15Es which fly between buldings.

Just like other Co-Op Missions, an emergency mission update will occur either when three minutes elapse or when all enemies are destroyed. If the mission update is successfully taken care of within the next three minutes, more targets will appear. This time, all of the targets are in the northern urban area, and there is a huge concentration of aerial and ground targets. The aerial targets vary. There are several known patterns. The first set consists of low priority AV-8Bs which take off from the city streets, medium priority MiG-29s, and SP F-22As; The second set has low and medium priority MiG-29s and SP F-22As. The low priority MiG-29s are the one which take off from the city streets while the medium priority MiG-29s are the ones which are already in the air when the second phase begins; The mission is completed when the timer runs down to zero or all remaining enemies are destroyed.


E or D Rank[]

Effects of the air strike were limited, and our wounded allies on the ground are starting their retreat. The enemy has kept their grip on Tokyo. You will be called to fight in this airspace again.

C or B Rank[]

Our attack has weakened the enemy, with the fleet heading out into the Pacific and the ground forces retreating to the west of the Kana River. They may attack again so be prepared for another assault.

A Rank[]

Your brave deeds have led to the retreat of the enemy forces in the city area. Now that Tokyo has been liberated, it is unlikely that the enemy will attack this point again anytime soon.

S Rank[]

Your blitzkrieg kept allied losses to a minimum while totally crushing the enemy forces.
Their ambitions to bring Tokyo under their control have been completely diminished.