For the normal version of this mission, see Tokyo Martial Law.

Tokyo Martial Law (HARD) is a more challenging version of the Online Co-Op Mission Tokyo Martial Law, featured in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place over the city of Tokyo, Japan, where players work together to destroy enemy forces that have taken over the region.




Mission Update

HARD Update

S Rank

As with other HARD Online Co-Op Missions, achieving an S Rank on Tokyo Martial Law (HARD) requires teamwork among all players. There will be difficulty in trying to earn the S rank with only 4 players.

One possible distribution of players would be to have at least two players for air-to-ground attack, at least one player for air-to-air attack, and at least one player for air-to-ship attack in the Mission Update and the HARD update.


E or D Rank

Our aerial assault was not very effective and the remnants of our ground forces are now retreating. Tokyo remains in the hands of the enemy. You will surely be called soon for another operation in the region.

C or B Rank

Your exchange with the enemy succeeded in damaging their ground forces. The fleet has retreated into the Pacific and the ground forces have fallen back to the west of Kanagawa. We must be prepared for their inevitable return.

A Rank

Your brave actions have driven the enemy forces from the city. Tokyo has been liberated and should not come under attack again any time soon.

S Rank

Your attacks not only kept allied losses to a minimum, but also completely destroyed the enemy forces. This should decisively put a stop to the enemy's plans to bring Tokyo under their control.


  • A bug existed in this mission's first stage, where the first Mission Update would not trigger even if players wiped out all targets in the first stage. This was also encountered in Tokyo Martial Law, but it was much more costly in this HARD version since that additional time is typically necessary to complete the HARD update.


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