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"I am not as fixated with money as you are captain."
― Kiriakov, in response to Sulejmani's view of the Boso Peninsula Mission

Tolya Kiriakov is the fourth pilot of Martinez Security's ace Rigel Squadron. While defending Tokyo alongside the M42 Antares Squadron from the enemy airship Orgoi, he followed his leader Milosz Sulejmani through his desertion to the insurgent group Valahia. Unlike his leader, Kiriakov wasn't as interested with money as he was with flying. He was presumably killed after being shot down by Antares Squadron in the skies above San Francisco.


  • It is possible Kiriakov survived the final battle between Antares Squadron and Varcolac Squadron, since Oruma and Gaviria screamed to their death and Sulejmani said nothing, Kiriakov just said, "Ugh... I screwed up..." This is exactly the same line he says when confronting Antares over the old USSR missile silo in "Sanctify", solidifying the possibility that he did indeed, survive.
  • Due to the Aircraft he flies, it is implied that he specializes in Air-to-Air combat.