Toy Box is the 10th mission in Ace Combat 2.


From the data found in the enemy's arms production base, we have discovered that a prototype bomber is currently in development. According to our data, development of this experimental airplane is nearing completion, and the project has been moved to a facility in the Comona Islands for the final stages of fine tuning. It would be a great threat to us if they are able to roll out these new bombers. We want you to attack the production hangar, seek out the prototype bomber and destroy it.

Target: The Prototype Bomber

The experimental plane is probably housed in one of the hangars lining the base. First bomb the hangars and identify the exact location of the plane!



  • 1 x Shuttle - 1,000
  • 8 x Hangar - 1,000 each


  • 6 x JF-2A -$6,500 each.
  • 4 x F-117A -$6,500 each.
  • 1 x MiG-31 "Stalker"- $20,000
  • 4 x AA Gun - $1,000 each
  • 2 x SAM - $2,000 each
  • 1 x Oil tank - $1,000
  • 4 x Towers - $1,000

When XB-10 is uncovered:



  • 1-7 x Hangar - $1,000 each


  • Money: $30,000
  • Unlocks: Stalker (medal; only if Stalker is shot down), Mig-31 (Extra mode only; only if Stalker is shot down).


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