This page includes a transcript of "Stonehenge Defensive", the 12th campaign mission of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.


Our counteroffensive has changed the course of the war. However, the western part of the continent and the area around the space elevator still remain under Erusean control. As you all know, this is because they have those damn Arsenal Birds controlling the skies around the lighthouse. So, we're going to use Stonehenge for a long-range attack against the Arsenal Bird.

In addition to helping to destroy the asteroid, Stonehenge was also utilized by the Erusean forces as a weapon in the Continental War. However, the majority of the artillery is out of action after an air raid by the Independent State Allied Forces. When that happened, the main base was being repaired from the damage caused by the asteroid, so it managed to escape the bombardment. The Osean army continued the repairs in secret and managed to reactivate its base systems.

Once preparations are complete, it will be able to fire again. However, the officer in charge has yet to confirm whether it can be fired more than once. It other words, it is looking like we may have only one chance to be able to bring down one of those invulnerable Arsenal Birds.

We're going all in on this one plan. The Erusean forces have detected our movements and are marching on Stonehenge. The Arsenal Bird is closing in, but if our operation goes as planned, we should be able to shoot it down before it reaches the operation area. We've set up strongpoints we call "Menhirs" around Stonehenge.

Provide them with air support, while keeping air superiority. Our mission is to protect Stonehenge until it can shoot down that monster bird. If we can shoot down just one Arsenal Bird, it will significantly reduce the scale of the enemy's air defense network. Stonehenge is our only way of bringing down an Arsenal Bird. Missing is a luxury we cannot afford.

Mission Script

We've still got some work for you, too, so don't slack off now.
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Mission Start

  • Maj. McOnie: Attention, all defensive and air support teams. In order to get up and running, what I need most from you is time.
  • Maj. McOnie: As long as you can provide me that, my program will bring down the Arsenal Bird.
  • WO Lehmann: That was Major Deanna McOnie. I'm Warrant Officer Lehmann, a specialist.
  • WO Lehmann: We're now commencing the operation to destroy the Arsenal Bird.
  • Cyclops 1 Wiseman: It's going to be a long fight. Don't waste any ammo.


The mission succeeded, but at a great cost. This victory marks a strategic turning point. The enemy only has one Arsenal Bird left, and the defensive grid around the space elevator has been decimated. We can expect a counteroffensive by Osean forces everywhere.

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