This page contains a transcript of "The New System", the 16th and final cutscene in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. It immediately plays upon completing the game's final mission, "Dark Blue", in a campaign run.


Avril Mead (narrating): The refugees built a settlement for themselves at the base of the space elevator. A humanitarian mission from Yuktovania[note 1] air-dropped some supplies for them again today. Thanks to the Princess, the whole world was pitching in to help these people. Handing out the relief supplies would've been a perfect gig for that anarchist dude. But since he's dead now, the job went to the guy from Belka, Georg. I guess Tabloid got that "new system" he wanted, in the end. Mihaly's granddaughters are helping out too. Mihaly... That cranky old geezer's here with us too.

Mihaly A. Shilage (narrating): I never wanted to create anything and now here I am, clinging to life. Watching as my grandchildren and their generation make a new future for themselves and the world. Is this my punishment, then? All I do is lie here, wasting away. I'll never know the freedom of flying the open skies ever again. I've been grounded and my wings have been clipped.

Avril (narrating): Y'know what having peace in the world means? It's being able to die in your own bed at a ripe, old age. Peace is what those girls are working so hard for here. We got a bunch more refugees today. And the Princess...? She's looking to the stars. Dark blue... To the heavens and beyond.

Rosa Cossette D'Elise: Can you hear me?


  1. Avril incorrectly states the country's name to be "Yuktovania". The English subtitles correctly display "Yuktobania".
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