The following is a transcript of Two-pronged Strategy, the third campaign mission in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.


The surprise attacks carried out after the declaration of war saw the peacekeeping forces of various countries, including Osea, suffer major damage. The ships moored around the space elevator and near Gandar Bay[note 1] have been hit particularly hard. Numerous ships have been sunk and abandoned. Fortunately, our cutting-edge aircraft carrier Kestrel II was at sea, so it was spared from the attack. Kestrel II is now preparing to launch another attack against Erusea's capital, Farbanti. The aircraft carrier Vulture also managed to escape Gandar Bay safely.[note 1] However, it lost all its aircraft, so it's sailing empty. Today the International Union Peacekeeping Force reclaims its bid to the space elevator. The Fort Grays Island Air Base Squadron will rendezvous with the carrier Vulture for a joint mission. The first objective will be to seize air superiority in Chopinburg in order to secure a route for the support squadrons. The enemy maintains air superiority over Chopinburg, so expect heavy resistance from enemy aircraft. There's more, so listen carefully. Right from the start of the war, the enemy has been deploying drones. They're using a new, advanced type of drone. The unmanned, airborne aircraft carrier the Arsenal Bird carries this new drone, MQ-101. The Osean Army headed up the development of the massive Arsenal Birds and dispatched them to the space elevator to provide support. However, it's been reported that the carriers may have fallen into the hands of the Erusean Forces. If that's true, it could be a significant obstacle for us. We need to regain control of the space elevator ASAP. Good luck out there.

Mission Script

Mission Start

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Mage Squadron, this is the situation.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Golem and the other base's squadrons already joined forces and are engaged.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: You guys will arrive right in the middle of the action.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Mage Squadron, eliminate all bandits in the current airspace.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: We have the upper hand, but that doesn't mean we can ease up. Good luck.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Mage 1. Wilco.

Entering the combat airspace

  • Mage 1 Clown: Mage 1 to Golem 1. Thank your lucky stars.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Looking good, Mage Squadron. Keep up that pressure.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Trigger, time to show the other guys that we get wet, wild, and do dirty, dirty things.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Once you hit one of them, stick to 'em like glue. Don't let them out of your sights, even in the clouds.
  • Mage 1 Clown: And so your first hunting season begins.

When the player enters the clouds

Beware that air currents will affect your aircraft's performance.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Careful of ice formation in the clouds.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Keep your eyes open in those clouds.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Careful in those clouds.

If the player shot down a bandit before anyone else

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Mage 2, bandit down. Excellent work.

After one bandit is down

  • Golem 1 Knocker: If you can't evade a missile, use chaff and flares.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Your fingers should still move, even if you're in a 9G turn.
You can use flares to avoid enemy missiles by pressing L3 and R3 at the same.

If the first two bandits are down in a short amount of time

  • Erusean Fighter: Careful. There's a real demon in there.

After two bandits are down

  • Erusean Fighter: Friendly lost!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Four remaining!
  • Erusean Fighter: We're getting our asses kicked. Where are our reinforcements?!

After three bandits are down

  • Erusean Fighter: They got me!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Three remaining!

After four bandits are down

  • Erusean Fighter: Eject!
  • Skeleton Squadron: We've got this. They can't recover.
  • Erusean Fighter: We need reinforcements now!
  • Skeleton Squadron: Is the enemy command insane? Why aren't they pulling out?
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Looks like they weren't ready for a fight.

After five bandits are down

  • Mage 1 Clown: Nice kill!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: One remaining!

After shooting down all bandits

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Our radar shows no sign of bandits. You're in the clear.
  • Woohoo!
  • Mage 1 Clown: I haven't even broken a sweat.
  • Skeleton Squadron: They have to be crazy to pick a fight with us! A rabid dog would know better!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Missile incoming! Evade!
  • Mage 1 Clown: Break! Break!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Wait, what the hell?
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Caution! Missile!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Caution! A large aircraft is approaching! All aircraft, stay alert!


  • Erusean Fighter: Enemy reinforcements. I don't like these odds.
  • Erusean Fighter: Call for reinforcements, we're taking too much damage!
  • Mage 1 Clown: Clouds are screwing up the accuracy.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Golem 2, just knocked one down!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: This right here is what we call a learning experience.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Roger that!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Once the enemy gets behind me, that's your chance to take them out.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Roger that!
  • Golem 2 Brownie: The clouds are blocking my vision!
  • Golem 2 Brownie: They fled into the clouds.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: What the? Where'd he go?
  • Golem 3 Boggard: Bandits are in the clouds.
  • Golem 3 Boggard: He escaped into the clouds!
  • Golem 3 Boggard: Let's do the humane thing and put 'em down!
  • Skeleton Squadron: Don't let those jerks steal your kills!
  • Skeleton Squadron: We have them on the run! Don't let up!
  • Skeleton Squadron: Their left flank is open. Skeleton 2, move in!
  • Skeleton Squadron: I've iced up! Losing speed!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Gargoyle 2. Fire! Now!

Checkpoint 3-1

  • Skeleton Squadron: UAVs closing!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: We've just learned that Erusea is utilizing the Arsenal Bird.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Those bastards. They had that thing combat-ready this whole time.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Enemy has a radar lock!
  • Skeleton Squadron: Sky Keeper, this is Skeleton 1. What do we do about that monster?
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: We're just waiting for mission command.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Break! Now!
  • Skeleton Squadron: I've a bad feeling about this.
  • Mage 1 Clown: We'll live through this, Trigger!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Watch out! We're surrounded!
  • Mage 1 Clown: These guys are definitely a step above the last drones.
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Damn, they're agile. And there's too many of them.
  • Golem 4 Footpad: These guys won't go down easy.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: All aircraft, no change in game plan.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Destroy the Arsenal Bird.
  • Gargoyle Squadron: We're up against that thing? God help us.
  • Skeleton Squadron: It's hard enough just keeping up with the drones.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Golem Squadron, take out big Baby Huey!
  • Skeleton Squadron: Look at that light from the Arsenal Bird!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: What's going on here?!
  • Skeleton Squadron: Skeleton 1! Check six! Commander!
  • Skeleton Squadron: They got me! [static]
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Damn. Skeleton 1 lost.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Skeleton 2, take over command.
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Gargoyle Squadron, this is Gargoyle 1. Skeleton Squadron needs help.
  • Gargoyle Squadron: The hell are we supposed to do?!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Status?
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Verifying the situation.
  • Golem 3 Boggard: Golem 2! Missile! Evade!
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Evading!
  • Golem 3 Boggard: This is Golem 3. Golem 2 is hit!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Status report!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Shit! Golem 2, do you copy?
  • Golem 2 Brownie: This is Golem 2. Instruments still appear to be functioning okay.
  • Skeleton Squadron: Skeleton 3! Break! Break!
  • Skeleton Squadron: Missile! [static]
  • Gargoyle Squadron: We lost another friendly!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Skeleton 3 is lost.
  • Gargoyle Squadron: They just keep coming. What's the plan?
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Where's that report?!
  • IUN-PKF HQ: Continue to maintain air superiority.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: HQ, what's happening?
  • IUN-PKF HQ: Sky Keeper, I repeat, maintain air superiority.
  • Skeleton Squadron: How'd that happen?!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Huh?!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: What the hell?!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Caution! All aircraft, stay alert!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Get out of there!
  • Mage 1 Clown: Breaking!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Evade!
  • Skeleton Squadron: Controls are out! [static]
  • Skeleton Squadron: I'm breaking up! [static]
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Skeleton 2 ... Lost
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Shit! We got incoming!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Skeleton Squadron is down. We've had too many losses.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: All squadrons, command has ordered a complete withdrawal. Leave the operation area immediately.
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Brilliant observation! If they'd noticed earlier, more of us would've survived to hear it!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Save your chatter for the debriefing.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Golem and Mage Squadron
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Give our allies some time to escape.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Wilco. But Golem 2's hit. Gotta send 'er back.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Let's get dirty, Trigger.

If the player fires a missile towards the Arsenal Bird that successfully hits it

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Missile connected!


  • Mage 1 Clown: That beast rains missiles. That's some serious shit.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Golem 2, you got a U-A-V headed right for ya.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Golem 2, roger that.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Golem 1, heads up. Check your six!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Golem 2, let's maintain element.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: I can't get a read on these bandits. They're dodging everything I throw at 'em.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: These bandits are fast as hell!
  • Golem 3 Boggard: The enemy's too fast! I can't keep up!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Gargoyle 2 to Gargoyle 1! The enemy spotted us first!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Enemy on my six! Breaking!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Split up! Find your own targets!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: There's too many. We can't take all of them!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: I can't get a lock!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: We'll pass out from exhaustion before the enemy wears out.
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Ally shot down!

Checkpoint 3-2

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Shoot down those UAVs! Don't let them touch any friendlies.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Golem 2, head back to base.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Gargoyle 1, escort Golem 2.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Continuing the mission. Still got my wings.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Trigger doesn't need to fill in for me. I'm back and I--[note 3]
  • Golem 1 Knocker: You won't make any difference up here. Get back to base and cool your head.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: ...Copy that! Returning home.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Retreating aircraft, leave the AO. Allies will hold off pursuit.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Golem Squadron, Mage Squadron, hang in there and come back safe.
  • Unknown: My status is fine. Affirmative.
  • Gargoyle Squadron: This is Gargoyle 1. Leaving operation airspace with Golem 2.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Retreating aircrafts, prepare for combat! It's a bogey!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Gargoyle 1, Golem 2! Engage now! Attack!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: One bandit Su-30!
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Gargoyle 1 caution! Missile!
  • Gargoyle Squadron: He's fast! It's like he-- [static]
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Sky Keeper. Gargoyle 1 lost.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: What the hell...?
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Golem 2, status report!
  • [struggling]
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Just talk to me!
  • Golem 2 Brownie: I'm Su-30! Orange wing tips!
  • Golem 2 Brownie: I can't shake it off. It's matching me move for move!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Golem 2, stop dogfighting and run!
  • [struggling]
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Not on my watch.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: I'm dead meat.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: I don't get it. Why isn't it opening fire?
  • Golem 2 Brownie: I'm scared! (I'm scared!)[note 4]


  • Gargoyle Squadron: Let Golem and Mage Squadrons handle it. They'll pull through.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Get your asses out!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Mage 2, UAV down. Keep it up, buddy.
  • Gargoyle Squadron: Fort Grays aircraft, we'll let you take it easy next time.
  • Gargoyle Squadron: This is for who we lost!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Mage Squadron, you're going toe to toe with the UAVs. Good work.
  • Mage 1 Clown: That's it, Trigger! They're machines. Don't show 'em any mercy.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: More UAVs spotted! Gargoyle Squadron, they might cut off your retreat!


  1. 1.0 1.1 "Gandar Bay" is incorrectly named in the briefing. The area's name is actually Gunther.
  2. The English subtitles for this line omits the word "the".
  3. The subtitles for this line end in "I'm back an".
  4. The second sentence is not subtitled.
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