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Tyler Island is a large island located in southwestern Usea, located near Selatapura and the Gunther peninsula.


Tyler Island was originally the site of a Usean space development federation's aerospace center, similar to the base in the Comona Islands. It served as a launch site for chemically fuelled rockets and space shuttles, but with the construction of the International Space Elevator, it was gradually phased out along with the space vehicles. At some point, Osea established a large mass driver, which was used solely to launch the Arsenal Bird aerial warships as well as SSTO supply ships to provide supplies and maintenance to the Arsenal Birds.[2]

Lighthouse War[]

During the Lighthouse War in 2019, the island was heavily contested between Osea and Erusea. As the war progressed, the Spare Squadron, now an official squadron, were deployed to retake the northern part of the island, which was under Erusean control.[3]

As they arrived however, the operation was still underway, leaving the squadron stranded on the island. A number of prisoners from an Osean penal unit escaped, stealing multiple aircraft and shooting down their former allies. Avril Mead, Tabloid, and a number of 444th personnel travelled around the island until they came across Princess Rosa Cossette D'Elise's crashed transport, as well as the Princess herself, who was the only survivor of the crash.[4]

On October 10, 2019, the Cyclops and Strider Squadrons were deployed to the island in order to gather supplies from the base. By the time they had arrived, the island was still being contested. By identifying both Osean and Erusean forces, the squadrons successfully destroyed all Erusean factions attacking stranded Osean forces. As the operation progressed, Erusean conservatives attempted to carpet bomb the Mass Driver, which would result in several casualties on both sides. The squadrons successfully shot down all bombers. Using a tactical radio they had found, Avril and Tabloid contacted them, requesting assistance for many refugees they had discovered. The Princess later marked the group's position using a flare, and the squadrons quickly destroyed all incoming Erusean forces surrounding them. Immediately after their rescue, the Radicals attempted to launch two supply ships aiming to resupply the Arsenal Bird, both of which were shot down by Cyclops and Strider Squadrons.[1]

Following the operation's success, Avril and the others found a boat and escaped the island.[5]



  • Tyler Island features elements of the island of Guam. The air base in the south is a near-exact replica of Andersen Air Force Base, and the mass driver's location is based on the Orote Peninsula and Apra Harbor.
  • The runway numbers (18/36) at the aforementioned air base are the wrong way round. While it is a 18/36 runway, the 18 faces 000 and the 36 180, when in fact the digits are meant to mirror the compass in the cockpit, and 18 should be 180 and 36 000.