For the drones that support the QFA-44 Carmilla, see MQ-90L.
"Damn, I'm out of Malgebolgs. This is where I get serious."
Ilya Pasternak

The UAV-45, more commonly referred to as Malgebolg[1] or Malebolge,[2] was an unmanned combat aircraft developed by Albastru-Electrice, a leading Estovakian weapons manufacturing firm.[3] They were designed to support the CFA-44 Nosferatu in large numbers.[1]


Malebolge is the term Dante Aligheri used in his Inferno to refer to trenches in the eighth circle of hell. Dante and his guide, Virgil, attempt to cross the area by using bridges, but many of them are collapsed. This is mirrored in-game with the collapse of the King's Bridge.

In relation to the aircraft being a remote-controlled drone, Malbolge is also the name of a very complicated programming language.


UAV-45 Malebolge Flyby
UAV-45 Malgebolg

UAV-45s have a small airframe (smaller than even that of an F-16C Fighting Falcon), which is equipped with variable sweep wings, dual vertical stabilizers, and a top-mounted intake. They bear a slight resemblance to the ADF-01 FALKEN. Their weaponry is limited to a single machine gun, since they are too small to carry missiles; likewise, they have very little armor. Individually, one UAV-45 is highly vulnerable to enemy attack.[1]

However, the lack of offensive and defensive power is compensated by the fact that UAV-45s are deployed by dozens at a time, easily swarming enemy fighters. They also have high maneuverability, able to perform post-stall maneuvers that defy the laws of aerodynamics and physics.[1]

The CFA-44 Nosferatu has a "master unit" that controls the UAV-45s. This control unit is highly vulnerable to combat damage suffered directly by the CFA-44; consistent damage could cause a temporary loss of functionality or a self-destruct command to activate on some of the drones. If the master unit completely fails or is entirely destroyed, all remaining UAV-45s self-destruct.[1] They are also capable of being folded up and stored in a CFA-44's internal weapons bays for long-range deployments.[4]


In June 2005, Albastru-Electrice began developing the CFA-44 Nosferatu as an airborne arsenal ship intended to work in tandem with numerous Malebolge UAV-45s.[3] It is presumed development of the drones started alongside the CFA-44.

Their only known combat deployment was during Operation Free Gracemeria, when a massive swarm of UAV-45s was utilized by Ilya Pasternak as he used a CFA-44 to attempt to hold off the Republic of Emmeria Air Force. All of the Malebolges present were destroyed by Garuda Team and other Emmerian squadrons.[1]


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