For the drones that support the QFA-44 Carmilla, see MQ-90L.
"Damn, I'm out of Malgebolgs. This is where I get serious."
Ilya Pasternak

The UAV-45 (also referred to as Malgebolg or Malebolge) was an unmanned combat aircraft developed by Estovakia. They were designed to support the CFA-44 Nosferatu in large numbers.[1]


UAV-45s have a small airframe (smaller than even that of an F-16C Fighting Falcon), which is equipped with variable sweep wings, dual vertical stabilizers, and a top-mounted intake. Their weaponry is limited to a single machine gun, since they are too small to carry missiles; likewise, they have very little armor. Individually, one UAV-45 is highly vulnerable to enemy attack.[1]

However, the lack of offensive and defensive power is compensated by the fact that UAV-45s are deployed by dozens at a time, easily swarming enemy fighters. They also have high maneuverability, able to perform post-stall maneuvers that defy the laws of aerodynamics and physics.[1]

The CFA-44 Nosferatu has a "master unit" that controls the UAV-45s. This control unit is highly vulnerable to combat damage suffered directly by the CFA-44; consistent damage could cause a temporary loss of functionality or a self-destruct command to activate on some of the drones. If the master unit completely fails or is entirely destroyed, all remaining UAV-45s self-destruct.[1]


Very little history is known on the UAV-45s, but it is believed that they were developed simultaneously with the CFA-44 Nosferatu.

Their only known combat deployment was during Operation Free Gracemeria, when a massive swarm of UAV-45s were utilized by Ilya Pasternak as he used a CFA-44 to attempt to hold off the Republic of Emmeria Air Force. All of the drones and the CFA-44 were destroyed by Garuda Team. [1]



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