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"An airborne carrier serving as the core for Ouroboros operations. Everything about it is big, and the aircraft is armed with machine guns and has decent attacking capabilities. Thanks to its size, it can house the Night Raven in its belly."
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - Namco Official Guide Book

The UI-4053 Sphyrna is an airship manufactured by the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization in the 2040s. A truly unique and revolutionary aircraft, it was later hijacked by the transhumanist organization Ouroboros, becoming the group's main forward base and headquarters.


  • Height: 53.44 m
  • Width: 90.92 m
  • Length: 238.5 m
  • Weight: 254200 kg
  • Speed: 200-300 KPH (supercruise); 404 KPH (top speed)
  • Propulsion: two Jet Engines, types unknown, and one gigantic Turbofan
  • Energy source: electrical



Ouroboros logo on board UI-4053

The UI-4053 is an airship that was made by UPEO to act as a mobile command and control center, aircraft carrier and ECM support asset, but was stolen by Ouroboros and made into their main headquarters. It is powered by two Large High Powered Jet engines on the sides and a giant turbofan in the back. It can launch and retrieve aircraft from its rear launch ports. It has an intricate defense system which consists of four miniguns (Vulcan/AA Gun) and an AA missile launcher. Other defenses include many escort aircraft which commonly patrol the skies around it.

The Sphyrna is capable of launching and recovering several types of aircraft. Within the underside of the aircraft, near it's nose, a small-high powered catapult has been installed. In the rear of the aircraft, a large hangar area was installed. During recovery of an aircraft this section opens and large magnetic arms extend in order to latch onto the aircraft and pull it within the UI-4053's hangar area.

The Sphyrna is used as an ECM platform, in support of SARF and general UPEO operations in 2045, during the Corporate War. After one operation which resulted in the deception of the SARF, the destruction of General Resource civilian facilities, and the blame placed on Neucom, the Sphyrna was stolen by the Ouroboros and became their headquarters.

When several NEU, SARF and GR Aces defected to the Ouroboros, they went to the UI-4053 to join Abyssal Dision, now an AI which lead the group, inhabited the UI-4053's systems and directed all Ouroboros operations. NEU Ace Cynthia Fitzgerald also joined the group for personal reasons.

Multiple Futures

In the NTSC-J version of Electrosphere, all story paths will invariably lead to the destruction of the Sphyrna, however the circumstances in which the airship is destroyed will vary according to the player.

  • Ouroboros Path 1: Following GRDF ace Abyssal Dision, the Ouroboros opening operations began in Port Edwards, killing NEU officials, destroying buildings, freeways bridges and defenses throughout the city. An attack on the city of Megafloat was also performed, before Cynthia Fitzgerald joined the group and destroyed many facilities and defenses at Megafloat. The UI-4053 came under attack by an AA missile launched from an NEU submarine, but it was promptly shot down before it struck the Sphyrna. As Abyssal recruits ace Rena Hirose (in the X-49) and they successfully destroy Megafloat, ex-UPEO AI ace Nemo is informed by former wingman Keith Bryan of Dision's real intentions, thus commencing a two-on-one battle with the X-49 Night Raven. After an intense exchange of gun and missile fire, Keith rams the X-49, giving up his life, but wedging his aircraft between the wings of the X-49, forcing it to greatly slown down. This allowed Nemo to finish off the Night Raven.
  • Neucom Path 3: Following Cynthia Fitzgerald, the UI-4053 and the Neucom attacked Expo City and destroyed multiple UPEO aircraft, SAM vehicles and other facilities, while Cynthia landed at the UPEO HQ, picking up Rena Hirose & bringing her back to the UI-4053. It was there that Abyssal Dision announced a devastating attack would be launched against Megafloat. Shortly thereafter, Cynthia left the group and attempted to stop the Ouroboros attack. Megafloat came under siege by a naval and air fleet. Despite Fitzgerald's efforts Megafloat was destroyed by the X-49 and it's orbital laser system. However, Cynthia (and Nemo) destroyed the X-49, the UI-4053 and Abyssal Dision.
  • UPEO Path: In a mission to destroy a General Resource armoury, the UI-4053 was initially utilised by UPEO as ECM support in Expo City, while the attack was carried out with the SARF pilots flying the R-211 Orcinus. The attack, which was later revealed to be targeting civilian housing, sparked hostilities between General Resource and Neucom. Gilbert Park transferred the UI-4053 to Ouroboros during these battles. After a series of messages broadcast by the Ouroboros,Rena Hirose went to the UI-4053 to see Abyssal Dision, and discovered that the X-49 was on board the airship. Meanwhile, Nemo, along with Erich Jager, were quick to follow Rena. After destroying the escorts, they witnessed the X-49 damage the UI-4053 with its Laser Canon and later shot down in retaliation. Nemo and Erich proceeded to attack and destroy the UI-4053 above Expo City. The airship was finished off by Erich.
  • Neucom Path: No following Cynthia Fitzgerald-Sole Survivor Neucom Fiona UI-4053
  • General Resource Path: UI-4053 in a mission H.O.T.S in C.O.W in Geopelia

In the non-JP version of the game

The Sphyrna was first sighted over Megafloat, the Neucom made Floating City in the Usean Ocean, and was intercepted by a UPEO AI Pilot known as Nemo, but it escaped soon afterwards. It is then sighted flying over Port Edwards surrounded by a large Aerial Fleet. The UI-4053 and it's deployed aircraft are intercepted once again, but the battle ends with the Sphyrna leaving the battle area once again, though it is heavily damaged.

The UI-4053 is then sighted for the last time over Megafloat during the 'Ouroboros' final full frontal assault. The UI-4053 enters the battle area after the Ouroboros Fleet is destroyed. The UI-4053 then launches the X-49 Night Raven which destroys Megafloat with a large Laser Cannon. The UI-4053 and it's escorts are re-engaged and shot down by 'Nemo' soon after.

As it fell into the Usean Ocean the Sphyrna launches two aircraft, the UI-4054 Aurora and the X-49 Night Raven, which escape into the Geofront, a large underground city under the Usean Ocean.


2x CIWS (Close In Weapon System.)

1x missile

1x airplane catapult

Weapon Information

  • Purpose: Mobile Front Line Command and Control Center, Flying Aircraft Carrier, ECM War Dirigible.
  • Manufacturer(s): Universal Peace Enforcement Organization
  • Date Started: Unknown
  • Date Completed: Unknown



  • The Sphyrna's namesake derivates from the hammerhead shark, which belongs to the genus sphyrna. Strangely, the airship follows Neucom Inc.'s standard aircraft naming tendencies (naming aircraft after fish, ie. R-101 Delphinus 1) despite being of UPEO design. It can be inferred that Neucom had a hand in the design of the Sphyrna, although the naming could also be entirely coincidential.


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