All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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UNF Marine Commandos is a commando unit from United Nations Forces seen in Ace Combat Infinity.

Ace Combat Infinity

Lieutenant Bertz and Sergeant Collins led their team to rescue nine high-powered executives known as the Greymen at the Wernher and Noah Enterprises facility in southwestern Iyuli. However, the Greymen has already been assassinated somewhere and the Stonehenge Type-3 in Turkey was captured by Sons of Troia and used the railguns to attack the UNF fighter squadrons including Ridgeback Squadron and Bone Arrow Squadron and they were able to escape.

Bone Arrow Squadron, Ridgeback Squadron, Rapier Squadron, Javelin Squadron and UNF Marine Commandos conducted a joint operation to attack the Stonehenge Type-3. The aerial squadrons provided close air support to the UNF ground forces as they approached the facility. However, the Type-3 facility has an electronic countermeasure system installed at the center of the facility and the UNF ground forces attempted to move into their artillery's firing range to destroy the ECM system but the railgun attacked the ground forces and Reaper managed to enter the radar jamming site alone and destroy the ECM towers, opened up the ability to destroy the cannons. This opened up the path for all of the squadrons to destroy the cannons, but Reaper only managed to get close enough to destroy the cannons.

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